Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Temari Sushi (Bite-sized Sushi Balls)

Temari Sushi (Bite-sized Sushi Balls). Temarizushi is usually cooked on happy occasions like becoming an elementary school student in Japan. Let's learn how to make colorful Temari sushi. Temari is a traditional Japanese embroidered ball, which people used to play within Japan.

Temari Sushi (Bite-sized Sushi Balls) Temari sushi rolls are bite-sized balls of rice, sushi, shrimp, eggs, or other ingredients. They are fun to make and perfect for Easter with a spring-like color. But they can be made for any occasion. You can cook Temari Sushi (Bite-sized Sushi Balls) using 6 ingredients and 23 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Temari Sushi (Bite-sized Sushi Balls)

  1. Prepare 960 grams of Sushi rice.
  2. It’s 8 large of eggs Usuyaki tamago.
  3. Prepare 1 of Cucumber.
  4. You need 1 of Whatever cuts of sashimi you prefer.
  5. Prepare 4 of leaves Shiso leaf.
  6. It’s 1 of Japanese mustard mayonnaise, nori seaweed, wasabi, toasted sesame seeds, etc..

What is Temari Sushi All that is about to change when you follow this step-by-step recipe for Temari sushi aka sushi balls. They are the perfect bite-sized finger foods, great for parties or anytime you need a sushi. Your usual sushi but with a little twist! Just using cling wrap, make these ball-shaped sushi for some added cuteness.

Temari Sushi (Bite-sized Sushi Balls) instructions

  1. Prepare the sushi rice. I used a 25 cm square container for a gift box. A lid can be made with plastic wrap and eggs..
  2. Place cucumber on a chopping board and peel. Then slice the cucumbers with a peeler to use as the bows..
  3. Soak the the sliced cucumbers in water to make them crisp..
  4. The peeled cucumber skin can be also used for temari decorations. I folded over the skin, which had been salted and submerged in water, to make a square knot..
  5. Prepare the usuyaki tamago. Use 6 large eggs to make 14 thin omelets in a 24 cm frying pan..
  6. Cut the edges of the omelets into a square. The excess can be used for tamago 'gunkan' (battleship, as shown in the pictures below wrapping around the sushi balls) or thinly sliced omelets for the temari balls..
  7. Ex.1 Tamago gunkan: Make four 3 cm wide 12-15 cm long strips and wrap sushi rolls. Top with salmon roe and decorate with Step 4..
  8. Ex. 2 Gunkan: Cut the nori into 3 cm wide 12-15 cm long strips and wrap sushi rice. Spread Japanese mustard mayonnaise and place a thinly sliced omelet and imitation crab sticks..
  9. Main temari sushi balls. Slice sashimi in desired size. The temari sushi rice balls can be as big as 2 cm..
  10. Lay out the circular sushi rice, followed by the toppings in plastic wrap. Squeeze tightly into a ball (leave them wrapped)..
  11. Ex. 3 Use three pieces of tuna and cover the entire rice to make tuna temari..
  12. Ex. 4 Combine two ama-ebi shrimp into a U shape with the tails up on rice to make ama-ebi temari..
  13. Ex. 5 Cover a portion of sushi rice with one shiso leaf and place 4 pieces of squid in a crisscross pattern on top to make squid shiso leaf temari..
  14. Ex. 6 Sprinkle toasted sesame over sushi rice, and place two small pieces of salmon on top to make salmon temari..
  15. Ex. 7 Place one piece of greater amberjack (kanpachi) on temari to make kanpachi temari..
  16. Ex. 8 Wrap sliced cucumber around sushi rice as a gunkan roll (seen in pictures) and lay a salmon slice crosswise to make salmon cucumber temari..
  17. After making temari sushi balls as desired, lay the container with a usuyaki tamago omelet to place the sushi balls on top. When all are in place, cover tightly with plastic wrap and put the lid on..
  18. Cover the container with 4 omelets and cut the excess with scissors so they fit in the container. When preparing ahead of time, cover the plastic wrap over the eggs..
  19. Lay the sliced cucumbers crosswise, so that the edges are 3-4 cm longer than the container height and drape over the side..
  20. For a bow, drain Step 3. Fold one slice twice and secure one folded slice after another crisscross on a toothpick..
  21. Once folding is finished, place the folded slices on top so that the toothpick is invisible. Adjust the cucumber slices to make the bow look pretty. Done!.
  22. When placing on a table, tuck in the edges of the cucumber slices between the bottom of the container and the table. This helps the bow look like it wraps all around..
  23. To eat, remove the cucumber bows and take away the omelet lid with the plastic wrap attached..

Sushi Balls (Temari Sushi) Course Main Course Christmas Temari sushi is perfect for Christmas party food. These cute little sushi balls put a fun little Japanese spin on your Christmas party food. They're easy to make on the day without much prior preparation and are fun for the whole family to decorate, especially the kids! Christmas Party Food : Temari Sushi Here are the cutest and daintiest sushi you can easily make at home – Temari Sushi or Temarizushi (手まり寿司). Adorned with a variety of colorful toppings, these sushi balls are often served during happy occasions like Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day) in Japan.

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