Recipe: Perfect Strawberry cake with Fresh Strawberries

Strawberry cake with Fresh Strawberries. When the season gives you beautiful fresh strawberries, turn them into delicious cakes. If strawberries aren't in season, you'll be glad to know many of these recipes work with frozen strawberries, too. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl.

Strawberry cake with Fresh Strawberries The cake mix makes it easy but the fresh strawberries and cream cheese frosting make it taste totally homemade! Place fresh or thawed, frozen strawberries into a medium saucepan. Optional: blend strawberries with an emersion blender if you prefer a smoother texture of strawberry reduction. You can cook Strawberry cake with Fresh Strawberries using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Strawberry cake with Fresh Strawberries

  1. You need of Duncan Hines supermoist supreme cake mix.
  2. Prepare of Fresh strawberries.
  3. You need of Strawberry frosting.

Heat on medium-high and add in sugar (if desired), lemon zest, lemon juice and salt. Let the cake cool in the pan on a rack. Serve with sweetened whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, if desired. Hints for the perfect Homemade Strawberry Cake!

Strawberry cake with Fresh Strawberries instructions

  1. Follow instructions on box.
  2. Prepare strawberries by cutting them up before cooking. Refrigerate..
  3. Apply frosting after complete cooling..
  4. Place strawberries on frosted cake..

Like strawberry cake, strawberry frosting has always left me feeling a little defeated. The frosting would always curdle from the added moisture. This Fresh Strawberry Cake is one of my favorite ways to enjoy fresh strawberries. I find myself making this dessert often in the summertime when berries are in abundance, but it's truly an incredible dessert any month of the year. This cake is SO easy to whip up and it is always a crowd-pleaser.

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